Humber & Wolds Rural Action

Humber and Wolds Rural Action (formally know as Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council – HWRCC) is an independent charity (established in 1975) which works to improve the sustainability and vibrancy of rural communities across the sub-region. Whilst our work includes activities in Hull, our work is primarily in the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

We support and encourage rural communities to develop, so they can influence their own futures and secure a range of community facilities and services. The services delivered tackle common issues which require innovative methods to
overcome them in rural communities, especially the most isolated. Affordable housing, access to services, effective transport solutions, health and social care delivery, support training and empowerment of community leaders, the development of Community Led Planning, support to maintain and develop community buildings including Village Halls, plus the support and development of smaller voluntary and community sector organisations, are some of the projects we currently undertake.

HWRA works at a strategic level with partner agencies including Local Authorities, Primary Care Trusts, Police, Fire and Rescue, and other voluntary and community sector organisations. HWRCC is one of 38 Rural Community Councils, which together cover the whole of England and form the Rural Community Action Network (RCAN). This is headed up by Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE), our collective national voice

Our head office is in Barton upon Humber. Our projects are funded by a number of public sector organisations.

Many of the Rural Community Councils were established as early as the 1920s. RCC”s have a long record of responding to local needs and opportunities throughout their lifetimes.

The East Riding Association of Rural Community Buildings is a membership body for people running rural community buildings.  Your can find out more at